Music In Tsuyama

2006年 9月 11日
作者: Erik Knear

mus0041k2One thing I enjoy most about living in Tsuyama is the music. Believe it or not, Tsuyama is a very musical city. So far, I’ve found no shortage of people who share the same passion for music as I have. I really enjoy playing music with the friends I’ve made so far. Sometimes we have difficulty speaking the same language, but we can always understand each other through the music we are playing. It’s a fun way to meet new people and make new friends.

Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can always find a place in Tsuyama to appreciate any style of music you like. If you enjoy the modern sound of rock ‘n roll or acoustic folk music, a good place to visit is K2, a small music venue located near the base of Sakuyo High School. I’ve also found numerous jazz performances at the Tsuyamashi Shouhoku Cultural Center as well as traditional Japanese and orchestral music at the Tsuyama Cultural Center.

Personally, my favorite way to appreciate music is through karaoke. It’s a great way to learn about the lives and culture of the people you are living with. Whatever style of music you are interested in, you can always find a favorite song to share with your friends. And don’t worry if you think you can’t sing well. The most important thing is to have fun!

There are several karaoke rooms throughout Tsuyama. Most are nice, but can sometimes be very expensive. The best one I’ve found is, by far, Blue Echo. It’s a small karaoke venue on highway 179. They have a lot of music, food, and drinks at a reasonable price.

If you take the time to notice all this city has to offer, you will find Tsuyama is full of music. From the off key vocals heard squealing from a nearby karaoke room, to the kids playing guitar on the streets at night near Alne; music has played an essential role in the development of this city’s culture and character.