Brassed Off 「ブラス!」

2002年 4月 02日
作者: 代表 高山和子

この 映画を観るのは今回で2回目だが、初めて観た時のあの感動はまったく薄れる事無く、私は 益々 この映画の虜になってしまった。 全編に流れる ブラス(金管楽器)の響きは、胸にしみ いまでも脳裏にこだまする。 舞台は炭坑閉鎖の危機に直面した1990年代初頭のイギリス ヨークシャー地方。 坑夫により結成される100年もの伝統を持つ楽団の団員一人ひとりの人生が なんとも言えないブラスの美しい音色にのって奏でられてゆく。 涙なくしては観られない感動の作品である。

In Yorkshire, England 1992, a small mining town is confronted with the crisis of the closure of the mine, which will inevitably have a devastating effect on the lives of the local people. The members of Grimley Colliery Band are all miners who are struggling for the survival of their band as well as their lives. For Danny, a leader of the band and a retired coal miner, it is the band music that matters the most and helps keep the community invigorated. However, the other band members, agonized with the threat of unemployment, cannot share the same passion for music. The languishing attitude of the members, however, will soon be replaced by new enthusiasm induced by Gloria whose excellent performance overwhelmed the band members, which will eventually lead them to the victory at the National Semi-Final competition.

Unfortunately the exultant members return to their community only to find that the mine has officially been closed. Their resentment toward the government only aggravates their distrust of Gloria who has turned out to be an employee of the British Coal Board, which has been promoting the closures of the mines. Totally discouraged, the members can no longer hold their spirits up enough to find their way to the National Championship. Phil, Danny’s son, having lost everything in life; his family, job, house, now almost loses the will to go on with his life. Danny, Phil’s father however, still keeps his blind faith in winning the National Championship, despite his serious sickness with unhealthy sooty lungs after his years’ of service at the mine. Inspired by his defiant spirits, the band members once again become reunited and round off their music career with the great victory at the National Championship.

I remember being deeply impressed the first time I watched this movie by the beautiful sound of the brass music and the story of the life size coal miners who, in the end, come to accept the cruel reality of life forced upon them. I found the euphoria I had experienced at the end of the movie hasn’t faded at all even on the second time, and the soothing sound of the brass music still lingers in my mind. The scene that gave me an especially strong impression is where Danny is in the hospital, fighting for his life and the band members playing the melancholy tune of “DANNY BOY” outside his window in the dark with tears rolling down on their cheeks. They all painfully realize that for Danny nothing matters more than music in the entire world and that they are about to fail him by giving up their music. Entwined with the sad tune of the brass, their deep comradeship is beautifully portrayed in this scene. This movie shows us that we can somehow muster our spirits and find hope to go on even in the face of adversity, like defeated coal miners managed to regain their fighting spirits through their devotion for music which eventually reunited them. This is definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen and will be long treasured in my memory.


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