Death of a President 「大統領暗殺」

2008年 3月 30日
作者: Lauren McMurray

“Death of a President” 「大統領暗殺」 2006 年 イギリス作品
現職のブッシュ大統領が暗殺されたことを仮定して作られたフィクション。 暗殺を基に繰り広げられる状況をリアルに表現した話題の一作。

With all of the daily election news, I thought it would be great to do a review on a political film. There have been plenty of reports on all of the candidates, but the most interesting one that has circulated, was that of an opinion. If Senator Barack Obama were to be elected president, would he meet the same fate as John F. Kennedy? So, in light of this "what-if" I found myself wondering what it would be like if a president were to be assassinated today. Luckily, I came across Death of a President, which put my curiosity to rest.

Released in 2006 Death of a President sparked a lot of controversial commentary. The movie begins as a retrospective retelling of what happened years after President George W. Bush was assassinated. Not made in the usual Hollywood fanfare, the movie was produced as a highly convincing documentary-style film. It seamlessly integrates fictional characters into real-life footage taken from actual presidential meetings and conferences. I found myself being overwhelmed by how real it appeared, and kept waiting with nervous anticipation for the moment when it finally happens, and the president is killed. The suspense begins to rise as the story unfolds piecing together a large unsolvable puzzle. It interviews key figures of the Bush staff, bystanders, and those held in question for the assassination. These people give their eye witness accounts, leaving you entangled in a unique conspiracy theory that mimics the "who really shot JFK" lore still circulating today. Although JFK was known to be a well liked president, it may surprise you to find this movie was not made in lieu of anti Bush sentiment. The movie takes a look at the reactions of the people of the United States, those who truly hated the president and those who didn’t. It explores a lot of the current problems the government and the American people are facing with the Iraq war, homeland security, the patriot act, racial profiling, and the social disparities that has occurred among victims and returnees of the war. It is an excellent example of the "what-if" scenario. I found myself enjoying it so much I watched it twice, and I had to pinch myself a couple of times to remind myself that it didn’t really happen. If you find yourself with the same "what-if" curiosity as me, I highly recommend this film.