Hotel Rwanda 「ホテル・ルワンダ」

2007年 12月 20日
作者: 代表 高山和子

2004年 カナダ・イギリス・イタリア・南ア作品
出演者:ドン・チードル 、ソフィー・オコネド 、ニック・ノルティ 、ホアキン・フェニックス

「ホテル・ルワンダ」は1994年、ルワンダでの大量虐殺事件を背景にした作品で、トロント映画祭で観客賞とアカデミーの主要三部門にノミネートされるなど注目を浴びた。 いまだ 世界の各地で軍事政権の圧力や、部族抗争で多数の命が失われているという事実を前にして、この作品は、単なる血なまぐさい戦争映画ではなく、全世界の人々への希望に満ちた平和へのメッセージが込められている。 皆さんにも是非観ていただきたい作品だ。

This movie, based on historical fact, tells of the impoverished African nation of Rwanda in 1994, when tribal hatred brought about an unprecedented massacre leaving almost a million people dead and countless thousands of children orphaned, while the international community turned a blind eye to this tragedy. In the midst of the quagmire, one man rose to the challenge of saving the lives of many with his unyielding courage and altruistic love towards his fellow man. The movie not only depicts the reality of terror which occurred in Rwanda, but also addresses the importance of compassion, love and peace in the world.

A revolution is sparked between two rival tribes, the Hutus and the Tutsis, when the Rwandan President, a Hutu, is reportedly assassinated by a Tsusi. Through the Hutu controlled media, the population is exhorted to rise against the Tutsis which rapidly escalates into atrocious acts of ethnic cleansing.

Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) is a Hutu manager at a luxurious hotel, married to a Tutsi woman. His wide-eyed belief that harmony is building between the two tribes is totally shattered when his neighbors are raided and even his own wife and children’s lives are threatened. In the surging upheaval, the United Nations forces, the last resort for the local people, are ordered to withdraw from the country, leaving them hopeless and helpless. Colonel Oliver (Nick Nolte), a UN peace keeper, in vain chooses to do what he can to save lives, even against orders, while the guiding nations remain indifferent to the tragedy. Now hundreds of desperate Tutsi refugees turn to Rusesabagina for help, challenging his courage and commitment to save his fellow men in the face of this gruesome tragedy.

We are not only moved by the heroism and the power to survive portrayed by the hotel manager who chooses to help others in a seemingly impossible situation, but also feel deep sympathy towards the horror stricken locals. This movie, beyond the horrifying facts and deaths, brings us face to face with the ongoing tragedies in Darfur, Sudan or Iraq in our current world. This is definitely one of the movies I would like you to watch in this holiday season and take time to remember the afflicted and the war-displaced with deep compassion as fellow human beings and strive together for peace in the world.


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