“loose cannon” ― 「危険人物」

2013年 9月 02日
作者: 代表 高山和子

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has provoked many people both in Japan and abroad with his irresponsible remark that Japan should learn from the way Nazi Germany introduced the Weimar Constitution without it being noticed. This remark implies that either he may sympathize with the Nazi regime or he is of the opinion that the Abe administration should revise the constitution in a sneaky, swift manner without thorough deliberation. He lacks sensitivity to those who suffered from the Nazi regime as well as to Germany which continues to atone for the huge blot in its history. Also, the constitutional revision is so huge and profound an issue as to cause an uproar, not something to be carried out in a clandestine manner.

Japanese lawmakers should be aware that the international community has been watching how Japan will tackle the constitutional issues and the future directions it will take. Prime Minister Abe had previously raised serious doubts among foreign nations with his interpretation of history when he refused to use the term “the war of aggression” referring to Japan’s invasion of Asian nations. In this politically volatile climate, Japanese lawmakers should be extra careful not to arouse foreign concerns by putting their feet in their mouths. Loose-cannon politicians like Aso, I am afraid, will not only undermine Japan’s credibility in the world but further destabilize relationships with other nations.


cannonは大砲、loose は緩いから、船の上でしっかり縛られていない大砲は危なくて、行動が予測不可能、コントロールができないことから、何かとしでかす人のこと。 特に政治家などに使う。
put one’s foot in one’s mouth


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