Music From My Heart – スピーチコンテスト優賞者紹介

2004年 11月 30日
作者: 代表 高山和子
SY さん(14)

SY さん(14)

SY さん(14)は、中学生英語スピーチコンテストで "Music From My Heart" と題して、幼少時から関わってきたピアノを通じての音楽に対する思いを語り、素晴らしい成績を修めました。 スピーチは場を重ねるごとに自分の言葉とし ての英語の自然さが身につきますし、また大勢の人の前で発表できたことが必ずや自信につながります。 皆さんも是非 挑戦してみましょう。

今回は去年よりも沢山のコンテストに出させてもらって 色々な人達のスピーチを聴くことで 多くの発見をする事が出来、とてもいい経験になりました。 この経験を活かして来年は今年よりも 良い成績を修められる様に頑張りたいと思います。      -SYより

10月24日 ライシャワー杯 (岡山市) 2位
10月30日 美作地区スピーチコンテスト(津山市) 最優秀賞
11月13日 岡山城東・総社南国際コース杯 (岡山) 2位・岡山城東高等学校長賞


“Music from my heart”

Do you enjoy music?  I think most people probably do.  There are many different kinds of music.  For example, singing, instrumental music created with a piano, a guitar, and a violin.  I have been playing the piano for over 12 years now.  To me, playing the piano is an important part of my daily life.  It is a way in which I can express myself.  Let me tell you about my experience with the piano.

I’ve had many chances to take part in various types of piano contests.  Through participating in many contests, my attitude towards playing the piano has changed.  When I first started taking piano lessons, I purely enjoyed the experience of playing the instrument.  But later on, I became more concerned about winning contests, so I tried hard to play the assigned musical piece as I was told to.  I just tried to copy the way my teacher played.  I think my skills improved technically, but I must admit that focusing only on the technical aspects took joy away from me, and my performance became very mechanical.  My results in the contests I took part in, were not as good as I could have hoped.  This made me wonder why.   Then I realized that I was just following a routine and failed to express myself through my performance.

Then, I finally learned to play the piano to my personal satisfaction at a concert last year.  When I went up on the stage, I was feeling very nervous, standing in front of a large audience, but soon after I sat at the piano, a familiar feeling came back to me.  I decided to follow my inner feelings and tried to express them through the piano. I decided to play it in a way that felt natural to me.  This made me feel really good, because I communicated my feelings through music.  Among the 25 contestants that day, I took the first prize in the contest.  The result made me very happy, of course, but more than anything, I learned that it is more important to be myself than to try to be like others.  I’m sure I will experience a lot of things in my life, and I would like to share them with others, through music from my heart.



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