12 Angry Men 「十二人の怒れる男」

1998年 4月 06日
作者: 代表 高山和子

主演 ヘンリー・フォンダ
This classic from 1957 has survived the test of time and still captivates us with its exciting narrative, even though it does not offer breath-taking special effects made possible by the modern technology of computer graphics.

One of 12 jurors believes that an 18 year-old boy, the product of a broken home, has a reasonable doubt in the alleged murder of his father, despite all the circumstantial evidence presented against him. Thus, everybody was ready to vote guilty except for this man. His passion for justice helps others realize that this boy’s life is just as precious as others’ and that he is entitled to a fair trial as a human being. In the end, hours of heated debate are finally followed by the unanimous vote of "not guilty."

Most of the scenes take place in a jury room, so you may not find it as visually appealing as other movies. But it is very interesting to see how personal preoccupation eventually yields to logic and how all the characters develop as individuals and come to understand themselves through interacting with one another.

I recommend this movie to those who have grown sick of too many violent films, one after another, and those who are ready for a good quality movie with a subtle touch.

 12人の陪審員の中で 1人の男が、父親殺しの容疑をかけられている少年の無実を論理的に解明してゆく。 そこには 正義に対する情熱と人の命の尊さが問われている。 陪審員室での緊迫した雰囲気の中、白熱した12人の男たちの討論を通じて、彼ら各人の人間像もまた浮き彫りにされてくる。 暴力シーンのあまりに多い現代の映画にうんざりされている方、たまにはこんなクラシック映画の傑作を見るのもいいのではないでしょうか。


代表 高山和子 について

岡山県 津山市出身。英語講師。米国ドレーク大学大学院修士課程修了。帰国後、英語教育に携わり、'90年津山市にライト外語スクールを開校、本物の実力を身につけさせる指導に定評がある。国際ロータリー財団奨学生、英検1級、TOEIC 990点、国連特A級。 フル・プロファイル