Jerry Maguire 「ザ・エージェント」

1997年 6月 03日
作者: 代表 高山和子

主演: トム クルーズ
Who wouldn’t be captivated by Tom Cruise’s charms in this deliciously romantic comedy? I know I certainly was, and I do not hesitate to recommend this as the very best of his movies to date.

Jerry (Tom Cruise) scores big success as a sports agent whose job was to get a better financial deal for his clients. But this often forces him to push his clients to their limit only for the sake of money.

One day his conscientious mind gets the better of him and he decides to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. This decision costs him his successful career and drags him down to the bottom of life overnight. In his sincere efforts to come back again as an agent, he learns to know the importance of love and trust in human relationships, and his personality develops through interacting with different people.

This movie shows us the importance of love and caring for one another, and if that love is based on altruism, we will never fail to be shown a way. Great job, Tom.

(注釈)厳しい スポーツ界で、クライアントのために とことん金額を釣り上げるエージェント、ジェリー・マクガイヤー。 だが そのことに良心の痛みを感じ、 会社に一冊の提案書を出したことからクビに。 成功の頂点から一気にどん底へ。 再起を果たそうとする過程での彼の人間的な成長、人間同士の愛情・信頼・絆 の大切さが みごとに描かれている傑作だ。 私は もうトム・クルーズの魅力の虜になってしまった。


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