As Good As It Gets 「恋愛小説家」

1998年 9月 06日
作者: Andrew "Nick" Nichols

主演 ジャック・ニコルソン、 ヘレン・ハント
ジャック・ニコルソンとヘレン・ハントの 演技派2人による 堂々たるロマンティック・コメディー。この作品は 最優秀作品賞には至らずも、本年度のアカデミー主演男優賞・ 女優賞を共に 受賞した。 甘く切ない女心を 書かせては超一流の 売れっ子 恋愛小説家 ユド-ル(ジャック・ニコルソン)。 しかし、実生活ではその神経質さと毒舌ゆえに 人を寄せ付けない。 その 彼が どの様に 自らの恋愛のストーリーを展開してゆくのか? 観る者すべてを 魅了する ハート・ウォーミングな映画だ。

One of the nominations for best picture at the Academy Awards held earlier this year was "As Good As It Gets". While it failed to pick up an Oscar for best picture, it did win Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars for the two lead performers, Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunter. The performance of these two actors in this quirky romantic comedy will not only leave you grinning, but also with a bit of insight into what can make relationships of all types work.

Nicholson plays the part of Melvin Udall, a successful romantic fiction novelist who suffers from a Manic Compulsive disorder. The best two words to describe his character are intolerant and intolerable. No-one is spared his acid tongue, from his gay neighbor to almost anyone he encounters on the street or finds sitting in his favorite seat in his regular diner.

He’ll only be served in this diner by his preferred waitress, Carol Connelly, who is the only waitress willing to put up with his unbearable insults and weird habits. Connelly’s life is affected by sickness as well, but in her case by the chronic asthma suffered by her son.

How the relationship between these two characters gradually opens Udall to a more normal ability to get on with people and conduct himself in society is at times hilarious and touching. Jack Nicholson is at his manic best, and Helen Hunter turns in a brilliant performance too. This character driven romantic comedy, backed up by one of the best scripts in recent years will more than satisfy any romantic comedy or Nicholson fan.