Dante’s Peak 「ダンテズ・ピーク」

1997年 4月 06日
作者: 代表 高山和子

主演 ピアース・ブロスナン
This movie is thrilling enough to keep your eyes hooked to the screen!

Harry (Pierce Brosnan), a volcanologist, warns the people of Dante’s Peak of the possible danger of a volcanic eruption which could devastate the whole town.

But the destructive power of nature mercilessly sweeps away the beautiful town that people spent years building up. Special effects on such a magnificent scale bring the reality of the natural disaster right to your eyes.

I was again reminded of how powerless and small we humans are in this great creation of nature and just how much we all are at its mercy.

凄まじい火山噴火が 美しい町 Dante’s Peakを襲った。 次々にやってくる 火災から逃げられるか? 自然の猛威を思い知らされる大迫力の映画だ。


代表 高山和子 について

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