In Her Shoes 「イン・ハー・シューズ」

2007年 7月 22日
作者: 代表 高山和子

出演者:キャメロン・ディアス 、トニ・コレット 、シャーリー・マクレーン
それぞれの悩みや苦しみを抱えた登場人物が、お互いぶつかりあいながら、絆を深め 本当の自分と出会うことになる過程を、共感溢れるタッチでリアルに描きあげた感動作。

“In Her Shoes” is a movie with emotional depth focused on two sisters who eventually come to terms with each other and develop the special bonds of sisterhood. The characters and the nature of the problems each faces are so real we cannot help feeling deep empathy with these characters. The human drama portrayed here will never disappoint us in our expectations and surely leave us with warm feelings.

Maggie (Cameron Diaz) is an attractive blond who leads a care-free life, thinking her beautiful body somehow helps get her through life. Her irresponsible actions, however, get her into many troubles, but it is always her dependable sister who bails her out. Rose (Toni Collette), the older sister, on the other hand, is a hard-working, trustworthy lawyer who has always protected her baby sister. Both sisters share nothing in common but an inferiority complex, if anything. Maggie, despite her gorgeous looks, suffers dyslexia, which not only makes her lose out on every job opportunity but also crushes her self-confidence. Rose, who has a penchant for buying beautiful shoes she never wears, feels very insecure about her looks. Her huge collection of shoes seems to reflect her frustration towards her life lacking a perfect ‘fit’. One day, an impulsive action by Maggie causes seemingly irreparable damage to her relationship with her sister, who is driven distraught with fury.

mov0044inhershoes1After getting kicked out of Rose’s place, Maggie accidentally discovers at her father’s house that her grandmother, who she believes is dead, is alive and living in a retirement community in Florida. Off she goes to confront her grandmother (Shirley MacLaine), thinking of her as just another person to fall back on. However, through interacting with some down-to-earth elderly people as well as her grandmother, who is content and stands on her own feet, Maggie learns to become a responsible, self-assured person. Meanwhile, her sister, Rose, overcoming her pain, stands at the threshold of a romantic relationship with a sincere man.

The characters in this movie have holes in their relationships with other people that need mending. But interacting with one another helps bring them to grips with reality, and look to the future. The process of how the characters develop themselves to learn the value of family, love and caring as well as to achieve self-realization is very refreshing and beautiful to witness. With satisfaction guaranteed, this movie is definitely a must-see.


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