Return to Me 「この胸のときめき」

2000年 12月 06日
作者: Andrew "Nick" Nichols

Starring David Duchovny, Minni Driver, Bonnie Hunt, James Belushi, Carroll O’Connor and Robert Loggia.
交通事故で妻を亡くし、悲しみに打ちひしがれたボブが ある日偶然に出会った女性は 運命の導きか 亡き妻の心臓を移植する事で一命を取りとめたその人であった。 彼らを結びつけるこの運命の赤い糸を二人はひも解く事ができるのだろうか。 この心暖まるロマンチックコメディー、近日中にビデオでおめみえします。 お楽しみに。

Just to prove to all those people out there who think I enjoy too narrow a range of movies in my watching and reviewing, I undertook the task of watching one of the latest offerings from Hollywood in the difficult genre of romantic comedy. Difficult, because it has all been done before. Bonnie Hunt, best known in Japan for her role in Jerry Maguire (ザエージェント)and more recently as the wife in The Green Mile, co-stars, co-writes and makes her directorial debut in this movie, and provides enough unique elements to create an entertaining movie for the whole family.

It’s not giving anything away in saying that the alignment of the love interests in this movie is incredibly brought about by the death of Bob (David Duchovny, Fox Mulder-X-Files)’s wife in a car accident. Her heart is transplanted into the sick and dying body of Grace (Minnie Driver, Good Will Hunting) and a year later, the two have a chance meeting in the quirky Irish-Italian restaurant where Grace works. There is an instant attraction between the two, leaving you wondering about fate, connected spirits, or just good old fashioned "love at first sight." The audience is the wisest in the following blossoming of love between the two, and there is little doubt the two will unite, but how can the grieving Bob, and the guilt-ridden Grace manage it?

Hunt has assembled a wonderful cast and leads from within, letting their natural talents come to the fore. The scenes involving the old timers in the restaurant, led by the ever-good Caroll O’Connor and Robert Loggia provide some of the funniest moments in the movie, and the necessary home-spun wisdom guiding the hearts, physical and otherwise, of the love interests. James Belushi gives a wonderfully funny performance too.

Look out for this one on the video shelves, in time for the holidays ahead and watch it with someone you share your heart with.