Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999)

1999年 9月 06日
作者: Andrew "Nick" Nichols

1999年の春 映画界の巨匠キューブリック監督が 逝去した。 ここにあげる 反響をよんだ数々の彼の遺作は、映画史上これからも 語り継がれることとなろう。

In March 1999, the American director Stanley Kubrick passed away peacefully in his sleep, leaving behind a portfolio of movies the envy of any director. He was never one to accept the norms of the day and sought constantly to provoke the movie industry itself and the viewing public as well. Every movie he directed was unique, he never dwelled on one style or theme. Many of his films have been re-released on video and are now available at video shops in Tsuyama. In this special video introduction, I’d like to briefly introduce some of those films you have to choose from.

Eyes Wide Shut 「アイズ ワイド シャット」 (1999) His last film, and the first in twelve years, introducing Kubrick to a new generation. A story of an art curator wife, and her doctor husband, who finds himself tempted by the darker side of sexual infidelity, and the risks to his ideal family life following such a course would bring.

Full Metal Jacket 「フルメタル・ジャケット」 (1987) One of the best anti-Vietnam war films produced in the eighties. Fans of "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon" should check this one out too, and round out the best of this genre.

The Shining 「シャイニング」 (1980) A great horror movie adapted from the novel by Steven King. Jack Nicholson is unforgettable in the main role; chilling.

Barry Lyndon 「バリー リンドン」 (1975) One of Kubrick’s most atypical offerings. Follows the successes and failures of a seventeenth century Irish farm boy, as he seeks his fortunes and love across Europe. Witty and dramatic, beautifully filmed in all natural lighting.

A Clockwork Orange 「時計じかけのオレンジ」 (1971) The great shocker of its day. Examines themes of violence and social conditioning.

2001: A Space Odyssey 「2001年宇宙の旅 」 (1968) The science fiction film of its generation, and a must-see for any fan. Set the standard for special effects in SF, eventually only surpassed by Lucas, and still has the power to puzzle viewers with its enigmatic ending.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 「博士の異常な愛情 または私は如何にして心配するのを止めて水爆を・愛する・ようになったか」 (1964) Brilliant anti-nuclear weapons movie, way ahead of its time. One of the blackest of black comedies, watchable alone for the superb multi-part performance of Peter Sellers.