Far From Heaven 「エデンより彼方に」

2004年 9月 05日
作者: Andrew "Nick" Nichols

2002年 アメリカ作品
1950年代のコネティカット、社会的名声のある夫と2人の子供に恵まれて何不自由なく暮らしている主婦。 夫の知られざる一面を知った事から彼女の生活は一変する。 混乱の中に、アフリカ系アメリカ人の庭師の男性との友情に希望を見出す彼女だが… 50年代のアメリカ社会を考えさせられる作品である。

One of my all time favorite female-leads shines in this piece of period homage focused on here. Julianne Moore stars as Cathy Whitaker in Todd Haynes’ "Far From Heaven" playing the perfect 1950s wife and mother in the perfect picture book family in the perfect ‘Home and Garden’ abode. The script, costuming and set design capture in minute detail the melodramas of the era, and the poised restraint of Moore in the lead, and Dennis Quaid’s square-jawed performance as her corporate executive husband draw us into what could be mistaken to be no more than a recreation. The thin veneer of Cathy’s life is irreparably split in a serious of revelations she is emotionally and intellectually unprepared for, forcing her to face infidelity and racial intolerance none of her generation dares talk about. The faultless recreation of Hollywood’s 1950s American suburbia confronting issues related to gender roles, sexual orientation, racial stereotypes and freedom to pursue our dreams, issues relevant still today, questions what true progress we have made in dealing with them over the past fifty years. Superb script, faultless recreation of the period dramas, brilliant acting, not to be missed.