Down with Love 「恋は邪魔者」

2004年 9月 05日
作者: Andrew "Nick" Nichols

出演者:レニー・ゼルウィガー 、ユアン・マクレガー 、デイビット・ハイド・ピアース 、サラ・ポールソン
1960年代ニューヨークを舞台に女性解放を訴える女流作家と、鼻であしらってやろうと彼女に近づくプレーボーイの間に繰り広げられるロマンチックコメディ。 50年代末から60年代初頭を沸かせたロック・ハドソンとドリス・ディーの名コンビを再現したような作品で、当時を知っている人には懐かしく、若者には新鮮であろう。

"Down with Love" is a light romantic farce emulating the classic movie formulae when Rock Hudson and Doris Day ruled as big screen heartthrobs. In this modern version of the genre, the modern beau and babe, Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger take their places as romantic leads. Set at the cusp of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, Zellweger plays Barbara Novak, a small town girl taking the big city and the world by storm with her book outlining her radical philosophy of women dictating to men the gender roles. McGregor is Catcher Block, man about town and the one with most to lose when Novak’s philosophy begins to take hold. The energy between these two characters as they vie for dominance is engaging, but not quite enthralling. There are wonderful embellishments of the standard techniques of the genre, such as a risqué take on the split-screen phone call sequence so often seen in movies of that era, and a level of double entendre in the repartee that can leave you with a dirty smirk rather than the knowing smile movies of the sixties may have evoked. While adding a more contemporary sexual tone to the genre and far greater zest, they lack the on-screen physical presence of their predecessors but successfully walk the sometimes too fine a line between innuendo and crudity. Clever script, great costuming and scenery, high pace and satisfying light entertainment.