“go” をフルに活用して

2007年 10月 14日
作者: 代表 高山和子

通常 “go” は、動詞として使う場合がほとんどだと思いますが、名詞としても いろいろな場面で使えます。 “make a go of” で「~を成功させる」という意味で、 “Let’s make a go of your study!” つまり、「学習を成功させよう。」という意味です。

Get going!
He is always full of go.
You should have a go on that machine. It might still work.
その機械つかってみたら。 まだ使えるかもよ。
He passed the difficult exam to the university on his first go.
He had a go at asking her out.
He made a go of the business he took over from his father.
It’s a go.
It would be worth a go.

“A fine little bitch you have there!” he said in a careless tone. “Full of go, is she?”
“That one? Yes, she’s a good dog, gets what she’s after.”

War and Peace —Leo Tolstoy (1869)

“I started to evaluate things carefully—and I made a decision. I’m going to have a go at writing that book.”
“That’s wonderful Lyon.”

The Valley of the Dolls —Jacqueline Susann (1966)

… Admiral Metcalf’s chief of staff came in and announced, “It’s a go.” There was a stunned silence. “It’s a go,” he repeated. “We’re going. H-hour has been bumped back one hour. It’s a go at 0500.”

It Doesn’t Take a Hero —General H. Norman Schwarzkopf (1993)

… You got actors out there that still don’t have films that break $100 million, but Eminem did that on his first go

No Holds Barred —50 Cent (2005)

Going into business would be a real bother, and I wouldn’t be able to make a go of it anyway, especially since it didn’t seem very likely that you could set yourself up in any kind of decent business with only six hundred yen.

Botchan —Natsume Souseki, Translated by Joel Cohn (2007)

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